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Want to be published alongside your favourite writers? Here’s your chance!

From Kodaikanal to Kerala, from Bangalore to Bhopal, we've screwed up big time!

An excerpt from The Other Man, Shashank Kela's debut novel, 'a startlingly original' work of fiction that takes off from an encounter killing

The revolutionary Bhagat Singh on why he turned to atheism, and why it's necessary to criticise every tenet of old belief

Debut novelist Kabir Mandrekar on why he writes in his pyjamas, and being perennially distracted by the internet.

Beginning with Yogi Adityanath and the Hindu Yuva Vahini, we begin an 8 part series by Dhirendra Jha on the shadow armies of the BJP and the RSS

An excerpt from Swarga, Malayalam writer Ambikasutan Mangad's bestselling work based on the real-life endosulfan poisoning in Kerala

Fear Shakespeare? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Hoshang Merchant's collection of 101 poems that are an exquisite reflection on love and longing

Some people think Shakespeare may not have existed at all, and that someone else wrote his plays under a pseudonym